Jürgen Kuhl

Paintings | Mixed Media
About the artist

My work should touch, challenge or simply visually entertain.

Jürgen Kuhl - Paintings, Mixed Media

Jürgen Kuhl is a German artist most likely known for his Andy Warhol imitations. In doing so, he set himself the task of not only imitating Warhol, but also doing it better. In the 1980s, the demand for his works was so great that he produced them in up to six colour variations, each in editions of 300, and the original editions were sold out.

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Pop Art Elvis Presley

Andy Warhol



Art Mix

Mick Jagger

Muhammed Ali




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Solo exhibitions

2020 | Kappeln | Germania Kunsthaus Kappeln

2019 | Francoforte | Germania Fiera d'arte Discovery

2019 | Düsseldorf | Germania Pop Up, Galleria Burkhard Eikelmann

2019 | Palma di Maiorca | Spagna Galleria Ahoy

2019 | Basilea | Svizzera Settimana dell'arte

2018 | Colonia | Germania Rapina d'arte

2017 | Londra | Gran Bretagna Joseph Fine Art

2016 | Colonia | Germania Vecchio banco dei pegni

2014 | Colonia | Germania Galleria d'arte The One

1994 | Las Vegas | USA Fiera d'arte di Las Vegas

1993 | Berlino | Germania Galleria Perplex

1992 | Düsseldorf | Germania Galleria Niagara

1989-1997 | Francoforte | Germania Ambiente