Lidia Marti

Skulptures | Ceramic art | Porcelain art
About the artist

I interpret classical forms in a contemporary application with a technical and creative realisation

Lidia Marti - Skulptures, Ceramic art, Porcelain art

To master a geometry, to analyse and dissect it to form new volumes and obtain unusual forms for established applications, is the goal that Lidia Marti strives for.

She interprets classical forms for a contemporary application with a technical and creative realization. She challenges the limits of the material by constructing new combinations to the limits of the plastic possibilities of the materials used.

Works | Series

Vase Ceramic & Light Sculpture



Group exhibitions

2010 Group Exhibition " OPERAE 2010" Borsa Merci, Turin, Italy

2011 Group Exhibition "Il futuro nelle mani. Artieri domani" Regional Museum of Natural Sciences, Turin, Italy

2013 Group Exhibition "Ceramic Art today in Italy 2013- 2014" Villa Necchi Milan, Italy

2014 Group Exhibition CHANGE Contemporary Ceramic Art ,Centro ceramico Fornace Paglero, Italy

Group Exhibition "LADY CERAMICS" Loggetta del Trentanove Rotonda Di Muky. Faenza, Italy

2015 Selected for the competition De Cèramique Musèe De Carouge "La Lampe" Geneva (Switzerland)

Group Exhibition "Piercing Eyes Distilled art pieces" Gallery Stillfried Wien do Tribeca 40 Walker street.(New York)2016

2015 Group Exhibition " PREZIOSI l'arte del gioiello in ceramica" Cantiere delle arti.Castellamonte,Torino, Italy


2016 Group Exhibitio TERRALHA Festival Européen Céramique Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie , France

2017 Group Exhibition " Anima Mundi La natura raccontata in un gioiello" Asolo Italy

2018 Group Exhibition "La ceramica in circolo" Argillà Faenza Italy

2019 " Honor Mention for the competition "Ceramics in love two

2019 Castellamonte, Italy

2021 Fair "LesTupiniers du Vieux Lion" France

2021 Fair "Grassi Museum of Applied Arts, Leip

Museum exhibitions

PMA Craft Show 2021 Philadelphia