Martina Chardin

Paintings | Photography | Mixed Media
About the artist

I photograph what I cannot paint and paint what I cannot photograph

Martina Chardin - Paintings, Photography, Mixed Media

As a painter and photographer, Martina Chardin shows painting and photography in their purest form, but often also in combination, using a variety of digital possibilities.

Her paintings are largely informal, often her abstract works also have landscape references. Chance, composition, transparency and a story play a central role in her works.

Works | Series


swimming Pool

Digital Kunst- summer swimming _ i say no

Remembering the Future _ Everything in the River


Other. No series



2022 MEopenArt- 3rd jury prize- Mettmann, Germany

2021 Ministry and NRW-Stiftung Naturschutz, Heimat- und Kulturpflege- 4th jury prize, photo calendar "Unsere Heimat 2020-2021"- Düsseldorf, Germany

2018 MEopenArt- 2nd jury prize- Mettmann, Germany


3rd place, audience award, MEopenArt 2018, panta rhei


1st place, jury prize at MEopenArt 2017, Tour de France


1st place, Filmstiftung NRW 2011


Filmstiftung NRW- 1st Jury Prize- Düsseldorf, Germany

Solo exhibitions

2018 Neanderland crime scenes / Atelier Chardin - Mettmann, Germany

2009 Cross-section / RWE Power Schloss Paffendorf - Bergheim, Germany

2001 Cross-section / Sparkasse Velbert - Velbert, Germany

2000 Impressions / Jülich Town Hall - Jülich, Germany

Group exhibitions

2022 10 in 77 / Werft 77, Reisholzer Werftstraße 77 - Düsseldorf, Germany

2022 MeopenArt 2022 / Kunsthaus Mettmann - Mettmann, Germany

2021 Current Works of Art / Kunst im H6 - Hilden, Germany

2020 MEopenArt "Departures" / Kunsthaus Mettmann - Mettmann, Germany

2019 MEopenart / Kunsthaus Mettmann - Mettmann, Germany

2018 MEopenart "panta rhei" / Kunsthaus - Mettmann, Germany

2018 Sacred buildings / Galerie Wehten - Mettmann, Germany

2013 Zwischenwelten / Kulturform Alte Pumpstation - Haan, Germany

2007 Haan Creativ / 2007 Chapelle du Collège - Eu, France

2002 Show me an angel / Wilhelm Fabry Museum - Hilden, Germany


2019 rponline- Six creatives design their own space at the Kunsthaus

2019 Mettmann shop window- art exhibition "ARTikuliert" begins on 22 November

2017 rp online- Creatives depict the Tour de France